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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dragonfly...get over yourself

If you haven't done restaurant week in Dallas, you haven't experienced all that Dallas has to offer. What's better than a restaurant that is normally completely overpriced, way over our budget and completely delicious lowering their prices for two weeks so lowlifes ;) like us can come and enjoy?? Well...nothing really... That is unless your restaurant has apparently been forced to participate.

Dragonfly at Hotel ZaZa is an ornately decorated restaurant, complete with large chandeliers scattered throughout the rooms, heavy velvet curtains, shiny glimmering objects placed strategically in and around the restaurant and an overall feel that screams expensive. On the surface, this restaurant appears to be the twinkle in the eye of Hotel ZaZa. When visiting Dragonfly dress appropriately, as the crowd here will often times be seen in the latest trendy outfit or flashy sports coat and slacks.

Hotel ZaZa has a great vibe and cool atmosphere that should completely put us at ease, but unfortunately the Dragonfly's service and attitude did not. We've been to Dragonfly for drinks before, at full price, so we considered ourselves to be up to their standards. And we weren't exactly wearing our sweats and jean cut offs, but apparently in the minds of the waiters, we weren't worthy of a full cup of water or being talked to. The food was good. I really enjoyed the Beer and Cheese soup and Josh liked his steak. Unfortunately, we never saw our waiter again after ordering our courses and could have killed someone for water refill. They also were listed as an '4th course' restaurant if you had a Gift Certificate from Central Market, which is why we went there, but then they wouldn't honor it as 'there must have been some kind of miscommunication with Central Market' (that's per their manager and hostess that night). Geez people!

While some of the food will certainly leave you wanting more, some of it simply leaves you wanting...Upon further review of the atmosphere, the price, the service and the quality of food compared to all of the above, this restaurant is deemed average at best. Go for the sights, stay for the party crowd, and have a drink or maybe even two (but not many more than that as they are as proud of their drink as we are our blog!), but if you're looking for a great (or even above average for the matter) dinner than you can most certainly do better!

We give Dragonfly a 2.25 out of 5 for food and 1 out of 5 for twenty-something friendliness at dinner. They also receive a 4 out of 5 for their bar, mixed drinks and nightlife. In fact, if you are looking for nightlife, this establishment will provide you quite the sights and a great time, just be prepared for expensive drinks and empty pockets. Of final note, they do not allow "flip flop" type shoes of ANY kind...you will be turned away!

- Great variety of mixed drinks
- Poolside Nightlife
- Trendy "twenty somethings" after 10pm
- www.hotelzaza.com

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Anonymous said...

I think 2 out of 5 is generous for the dragonfly

triplebhoney said...

dragonfly, shmagonfly!

Frogette said...

This place is SO overrated . . . very unfriendly staff. The host just stared at our outfits and shoes (really?) and we forty-somethings got CARDED. Then our server kept coming every five minutes to see if we guys were okay on drinks (she could see that our drinks were still filled to the brim). I only go here when I'm dragged by friends, but I really can't stand this place and am embarrassed that tourists think this is what Dallas has to offer. Go to the Mansion or the Melrose for better service and a better Dallas experience.