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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So we used to love Trece. Hip, good food, awesome happy hour and really cool ladies night on Thursdays. Ladies could get free chicken quesadillas (now that I look at that word, something doesn't seem right?), blueberry mojitos and margaritas. Everything was delicious and of course even better when free! We went to Trece once when I got a raise at my last job (haven't celebrated that occurrence at my new job...hmmmm) to celebrate. It was great! I got the Tablones and J got the Enchiladas Bandera. They were both pretty good.

As A was saying here, this place used to be awesome...it was all about atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere! It still is, it's just lost some of it's luster. It used to back up an amazing atmosphere, lots of people watching and slightly high price tags with good food and great specials. Now, it's the atmosphere...minus the great food...and it's a little less than worth it considering the price tag!

Well, since we liked it so much last time, when my sister and mom came in town a few weeks ago we told them that we had to try Trece. "They would love it." Oh boy...big mistake! I don't know what has happened there. Maybe a change in management? Whatever it is, the food has completely gone downhill. I got the enchiladas this time and they were nothing special. For their price ($25) I think they should have been spectacular. My sister got the Pollo con Mole and it was bizarre. Now I'm a big fan of mole sauce, something about being surprised every time that chocolate and spice go on enchiladas, but this was bad. It was basically like chicken hot chocolate. The chocolate taste was completely overwhelming. It basically tasted like they had melted a Hersey's bar on top of the chicken. We should have thought twice when our waiter told us he makes better mole at home, but we thought, "ah, what does he know?" Our bad. My mom got the Chilean sea bass and it was definitely nothing to write home about.

We had even raved about the chicken quesadillas with a roasted poblano cream sauce so we ordered one for the table and that disappointed! No longer creamy with this delicious white cheese...it's about what I'd make with my 2% Kraft and whole-wheat sprouts brand tortillas.

She's not kidding about the quesadillas here...we used to go in when they were free on ladies night...as soon as the bar tender turned away I was shoveling them in my mouth and she was calling him over to attempt to convince him she had managed to eat them all already! What in the world happened to the quesadillas?! It used to be all about the amazing cheese...now, you're better off bringing your own!

We even had a bad experience with our water, if that's even possible. We just ordered water and he brought them out in what looked like refilled glass water bottles. No biggie, we don't mind tap. We do mind, however, being charged $3.50 a bottle for refilled tap water bottles. The weirdest thing about that was that we questioned the charge because it just said "Catering Fee" and the waiter said, "oh, um, well, that's the water." Weird!

Long story short, used to be awesome...not worth it any more! (The free food might still be worth it as it is free, but we haven't been back to the happy hour since)

The restaurant itself is still very trendy...lots and lots of pretty people in there, well maybe a few less since we're not there...but you get my drift! It's got good music, it's busy and it's pricey. If that's your thing and you aren't worried about food, then head down to Trece. We'll try it again in a few months and see if anything's changed, but as for right now...it's not worth it considering everywhere else that Knox/Henderson has to offer! The area is amazing...the parking is awful...and the restaurants around it are just alot more fun and have food alot more memorable.

We rate Trece a 2.5 out of 5 for food and a 3 out of 5 (now, used to be cooler) for twenty somethings.

- Cha-Cha Rita
- Blueberry Mojito

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