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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Victor Tango's

We finally got to have a date night the other day and decided to do one of our favorite Dallas things...check out DMagazine's recommendations and try out something new. J had a seriously random craving for Chicken and Waffles (especially random as he'd never had that before) so we logged onto DMagazine and searched "Chicken and Waffles". Amazingly, they had a recommendation in their newest article The Best of Big D 2009. It's actually the cover of their article, so we felt like we had to go, so we headed to Knox-Henderson to Victor Tango's.

We were delighted to discover that we'd made it in time for their happy hour (5 to 7), which is basically 2 bucks off all their specialty drinks and wine. Their drink list is awesome! I tried the Victor Tango, which was basically a mix of a mojito and a spa-cucumber drink. J had the Lightning Bug, which tasted like an adult version of my mom's summertime tea. It was like sweet tea but with lemonade added. Yum!

When A describes the lightning bug, she does a good job but be aware of it's punch. It's got a great flavor and does indeed taste like iced tea, but this is tea with a twang and some kick. I loved it and could have gone for two, but decided as it was an early dinner I would stop at one.

The waitress informed us the plates were made to share, so we decided to get an appetizer, main dish and a side. She acted like that wasn't a lot to order and even left a menu with us in case we wanted to get more. We have no idea why she thought that as we couldn't even touch our side because we were so full!

We ordered the Stadium Pretzels with Beer Cheese Fondue for our starter and loved it. It came with two, full-sized pretzels covered in a light dusting of garlic powder and Parmesan and a ton of salt. We both had to wipe off a lot of the salt as it was kind of overwhelming. The cheese fondue was excellent. It was, according to J, "cheesy, gooey, goodness." It was 300 times better than any cheese dip you'd get with your normal pretzel and definitely appeased our cheesy craving. I want to go back to try the Crock of Warm Goat Cheese Dip (anything with the word Crock sounds great to me) and the Tempura Green Beans sometime in the near future.

The cheese in the dip was amazing, seriously! This is not your ordinary ballpark cheese, rather it was creamy and thick, with a hint of spice to it. I loved it and wish we had more bread or chips to dip it in!

Next up was the Chicken and Waffles. It was definitely big enough to share with six waffles and a piece of fried chicken on each. It was Delicious! The dish came with an extra side of maple syrup so you could add some more sweet goodness if you'd like. The best part to me was the gravy. It was a pancetta gravy that wasn't too heavy or too thick, but had a wonderful hint of bacon. The fried chicken was juicy and had a very light layer of fried batter on it. I didn't notice that the fried chicken batter was spicy until I tried it by itself. The spicy, gravy and syrup was an awesome combo. The waffles were good too. They were crispy and held up to the large amounts of gravy and syrup that we ladled upon them.

I have no idea why I had a craving for them, but luckily A obliged...they were well worth it! It was definitely a rich flavor and something that needed to be shared between us...but people, it was like fried chicken and gravy, combined with AMAZING waffles and syrup...something we wanted as kids, coming true as adults! Don't ask questions, just go with this!

I'd like to try the bacon wrapped shrimp with the white cheddar grits and the lollypop lamp chops next time too!

As a side we ordered the Crab, Mac & Jack Gratin with Pancetta (notice a bacon and cheese theme with us?). Anytime we see mac and cheese on a menu we almost always order it. We like our carbs and cheese! As I previously stated, by the time the side came out (it didn't come out with our main dish for some reason), we couldn't even eat it. When we tried it the next day, it was the perfect blend of seafood and cheese. The crab wasn't too overwhelming and the panko bread crumbs on top made a great crispy crust. It's a pretty large portion as well, could be split between two to four people.

I saw a lot of other tables order the french fries and roasted corn salad, so those must be good too!

We rate Victor Tango's a 4.0 out of 5 for the food and a 4.5 out of 5 for twenty somethings. This is a restaurant that is totally oblivious of age. If you want to go to the bar after work and blend in with an all ages crowd, this is really the place to be. Their dinner menu is quite large and this is NOT a boring place to eat. The food is unique and the space is easy on the eyes. The valet parking is a bit annoying, but welcome to Dallas. It's free, so it makes it easier. We had GREAT service, and would say that age is NO factor at this restaurant. To top it off, their drink menu is amazing, and while the happy hour is not much of a discount the drinks are great.

- Sharing Menu
- Good location
- Chicken & Waffles
- Nice Bar Area

3001 N Henderson Ave
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 252-8595

Victor Tango

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