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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fat Straws

I almost want to keep this one close to the vest so the word doesn't get out and completely overwhelm this small, Addison smoothie joint, but I guess I'll tell :)

Fat Straws is a new smoothie place back behind the Home Depot Expo and Galleria. The reason we even went looking for a new smoothie place was because of our absolute favorite place in CS for smoothies closed it's doors, so we started getting worried we'd never find a place as good and had tapioca balls.

Just because you know where it is, doesn't mean you need to go running up there. Currently there isn't hardly ever a line, but that has been changing recently. I assure you it's worth the trip...just don't go telling everyone about it!

Some of us don't really like the tapioca balls...they aren't exactly, uh hmmm...manly! That being said, A loves them...and she seriously has the weirdest cravings for this place!

I can't remember how we came across Fat Straws, but our world hasn't been the same since! It's seriously close to J's work, so the little booger gets it some times for lunch. Darn him!!

It's a small place, fairly modern in decoration, and most importantly...sells smoothies. There is enough seating to make it a study locale, however the machines that make the smoothies can be quite loud! I would recommend the patio for extended visits...What makes the smoothies so darn good is the ingredients and the super huge straws through which you consume them! It's fairly healthy and a great filler for lunch or even a late night snack.

The fruit is super fresh and I'm pretty sure they don't add any fillers. They also have a huge assortment of teas that you can buy by the ounce or they will make you a cup. There are some pretty fancy kinds that are up to $16 an lb!

Sorry for the quick post, but give this place a try soon!

5301 Alpha Road #38Dallas, TX 75240 -- Open Mon-Sat 11am-10pm; Sun 11am-9pm

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triplebhoney said...

It's like the second coming of Jesus!