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Friday, June 5, 2009

Oishii Sushi

J and I absolutely love this strip mall sushi place off of Wycliff and the Tollway! We were introduced to Oishii by our neighbors, the foodies, and have absolutely craved it ever since. Don't be fooled by the run down outside, it's new bar is super cute and fun lounging spot. We even drove through what felt like a hurricane one Saturday night for take out because it's that good!

Seriously guys, this place is that good. I've never liked sushi until recently, but this place makes up for any fears you may have. We've taken a few non sushi loving friends there lately, and made converts out of them! It's a bit of a dive on the outside, but make no mistake about the quality of the food or the inside of this place. It's got a very hip/urban bar, separated from the restaurant (something you may see alot of while waiting if you go on Wednesdays), and a modest dining room. Regardless of their layout, this place is to be given a close look!

The average price of their sushi rolls is about 5 bucks, but they do have some fancier rolls at about the ten dollar mark. Their rainbow roll with tuna, salmon and white fish wrapped around a california roll is about $11. We love their shrimp tempura, tuna and california rolls. We can usually walk out of Oishii for about $35 for the sushi! We consider their sushi the best in Dallas and for the price, it's even better!

It is VERY EASY to over order here. While we "can" get out for $35 like A says above, we often have much bigger eyes than stomachs and over order. I encourage you to ask the waitress how many rolls it will take to fill you and your date, group or whatever. They are good judges and will likely save you a roll or two from your order. That being, for those that like to binge on sushi, and who of us doesn't, you may be content to over order...it's good enough, you won't let it go to waste, I promise!

We've ordered their spring rolls before and weren't super impressed but we definitely enjoyed the egg rolls, edamame and chicken satay.

For dessert we love the 'Vietnamese coffee'. It's basically a three part cup of coffee. First you get a cup of ice, then about a quarter cup of condensed milk is poured over the ice then comes the coffee. The condensed milk is super sweet and combined with the smooth coffee, it makes a great combo!

Ok so let's discuss this coffee...it's not just "coffee" people, this stuff is like nectar-y goodness. Sure I like my coffee a little sweeter than a true "coffee person", but this stuff is amazing. The condensed milk is like nothing you've ever had in the States, I promise. Even if you're "too full" or "not interested" when the meals over, just DO IT. Try it once and I promise you won't regret it.

Wednesday nights at Oishii are always busy because its half-price wine and hot sake night. They also just recently introduced a $1 sushi night on Tuesdays as well, so I imagine Tuesdays are going to get pretty busy too!

We rate Oishii a 5.0 out of 5 for Sushi and a 4.5 out of 5 for twenty somethings. This is a restaurant that is totally oblivious of age. If you want to go to the bar and be 25, have one too many beers and be a little loud...you can do it. On the same accord, if you sit down at the table with no knowledge of Japanese beer or Sushi, they are happy to oblige your questions. It's a great place for dinner, has a great little bar with amazing wine specials on Wednesdays, and is worth your visit...over and over and over again!

Highlights: - SUSHI! - Wednesday Half Price Wine by the Bottle - Vietnamese Coffee - Great Staff - Nice Bar Area http://www.dallasoishii.com/

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